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Girls Get Off

Cleanies Intimate Care Wipes

Cleanies Intimate Care Wipes

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Feelin’ dirty, girl? We’re here for it.

Cleanies are hypoallergenic intimate wipes safe for both toys and bodies. Whether you’re looking to clean up pre & post lovin’, or to keep your Queen V fresh on the go, these pH friendly wipes can do it all.

Whether that’s a night on the town, a post-pilates freshen up, or visiting a fwb, being individually wrapped means your wipes can go wherever you do.

Biodegradable, fragrance-free, all-of-the-nasty-stuff free means Cleanies are as sweet to your intimate bits as your toys are.

Keep all your dirty little secrets, clean.

Directions: Open, wipe, and whisper some sweet affirmations to yourself as you freshen up (optional).

30 individual wipes per box
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