Our hot tips for looking after your lingerie

So you want your bras & underwear to go the distance? We can help! And if you happen to be someone who doesn't always read the label-specific care tips, don't stress! Most bras can be cared for in a similiar fashion, so follow these tips and you & your bra will enjoy a long life together.

The essentials

For easy, effortless bra care, follow these simple instructions:

  • Hand wash your bras in cold water
  • Use a delicate detergent, preferably with natural ingredients - definitely no bleach!
  • Leave your bras to drip dry
  • Hang your bras from the centre gore, not the straps or clasps.
  • For longevity and extra delicate styles, wash your lingerie in the shower with your usual body wash and rinse well under the shower

Machine-washing tips

Full disclosure - we don't recommend washing your bras in a machine - especially front loaders - but if that's all you've got time for, we get it. If you need to machine-wash your beloved bras, then follow these tips carefully:

  • Always use a delicates or lingerie bag to place your bras in before adding to the washing machine
  • Fasten your bras’ hooks and eyes to keep them from catching or ripping
  • Set your machine to a delicate/hand-wash cycle on the lowest temperature, and if your machine has a spin cycle setting, change to ‘no spin’
  • Wash your delicates by themselves as other bulkier clothing (pants with zippers, buttons, etc.) can tear through wash bags and cause damage to your lingerie
  • Once the wash cycle finishes, immediately hang your bras to dry - and always out of direct sunlight

Bra washing no-nos

There are some things you should never do when washing your lingerie, as they can cause irreparable damage and bring an earlier-than-necessary end to your time with your bras.


  • Using harsh detergents that will bleach vibrant colours and cause the lace and elastic to degrade
  • Washing your bras in a washing machine on a regular setting, crammed in with all your other clothing & colours
  • Wringing them out after a wash so they lose their shape and no longer fit perfectly
  • Putting them in the dryer - which in many cases, will cause the plastic bra encasing to melt and your underwires to warp into sharp, poking shapes (not comfy to wear) Even on low heat, the temperature will break down any elastane in the fabric and can even cause your bras to catch on fire!