A quick guide to bra sizing & measurements

All bra brands will fit slightly differently. It helps to know your size as a starting point, and we will always provide specifc fit tips for each brand on our site to help you with choosing your size. For example, what shirt or top size do you normally wear? This is a good indicator of the band size you should be wearing. Cup sizing is a little trickier to get right. We tend to think a D or DD+ cup is very large, when in fact the average size we see in our store is an F cup!

We can help with all of this and take the mystery and frustation out of bra shopping, well as walk you through the different bra styles and fit profiles of each brand when you book a bespoke in person or virtual fitting session.

We always recommend getting a personalised bra fitting in order to get an accurate reflection of your size, acknowledging that your size may fluctuate due to factors such as hormonal changes, your menstrual cycle, and changes in weight. Our bespoke fitting service also ensures your size is the best fit for YOU, as sometimes the usual band and cup measurements don't suit every individual body.

If you have been fitted recently, or are aware of your size, see below for our specific brand fit guides and videos.

Need some extra support or have fit questions? Get in touch with us.

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